Two years down … onto forever

This time two years ago I was preparing to get married, I was blissfully drinking prossecco and chatting to our nearest and dearest. Tomorrow marks our two year anniversary. It’s gone so fast but at the same time it’s feels like it’s such a natural thing; almost like we have always been married (I know that’s a very silly sentence but I know what I mean). I’m lucky enough to have married my soul mate, my best friend, the only human in the whole world who makes me feel invincible.

This latter part of the year has been tough. At times it has felt like our patch of paradise and happiness has been under siege. We have suffered great loss, lots of instability, we have had house trouble, Karl has had a debilitating injury and difficult times have felt plentiful. However we have made it through in one piece, together.

Yes the last 7 months have been hard but we have also had some pretty amazing times over the last year. We have pulled through and grown much stronger with it.

We have made some beautiful memories, flying a plane, parties in London, beautiful trips to the beach, we have made new friends, joined a Dog Training Club and made investments in our future. We have been so lucky at times and incredibly blessed.

The loss of my nan was extremely hard on me and brought out some of my depressive tendencies, but Karl has stood by me. He pulled me free, pulled me through, stood by my side propping me up when I needed it and helped me heal. He went to the hospital with me throughout her illness. Wiped my tears, made my Nan laugh and listened to my nanny’s stories. He drove me to and from the hospital, missed out on meals as it was too late to cook and trips to the bar with his mates. Could I ask for anything more? He was all that I needed and more every step of the way.

I married the man who annoys me more than anything else in the world, who makes me feel safe and warm, who lets me have the first shower after a cold walk so I can warm up first, who will always give me the last ice cream in the freezer, who loves animals as much as I do, who will spend hours setting up gadgets for me because I haven’t backed them up or have done it wrong, (I’m hopeless). Who will watch 400 judge Judys in a day because that’s what I want to watch right now, who will turn the football off because I’m bored of it and will always make me laugh like no one else. All in all I married a good one!

What has this last year taught me?

To always bank when he dose something silly, you never know when you are going to need that nugget of information. (He NEVER forgets).

Team work is the key to life.

To keep planning ahead and planning for the future but also enjoy the moment.

To switch off and cuddle up as much as possible.

My husband will do what ever he can to get away without making the brews in the morning ; and will do whatever he can to make me happy.

Bad times are a fact of life. Sometimes the storm is inevitable :- you just have to ride it out and be each others shelter.

Two years down … onto forever

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