Bucket list update: 80. Go to an outdoor cinema or theatre.

I love the idea of entertainment outside, wrapped in a blanket and cuddling under the stars. I have wanted to go for ages. My wonderful husband booked for us to go for our second anniversary. Such an amazing gift. And I was so, so excited. He not only picked an amazing gift but the film was Harry Potter! My favourite film. He is great at gifts! He booked it with Luna and even brought VIP tickets along with two blankets and a bottle of wine, red wine (perfect!).

My biggest tip for anyone wanting to go to the outdoor cinema experience with Luna: Don’t buy VIP and don’t buy blankets. The blankets are very thin, so to guarantee being warm bring your own, bring a nice Duvet or thick knit and you will love it! VIP definitely wasn’t worth the money being double the price of a normal ticket. The chairs are so close together you might as well be sat down in front of the screen. Plus the man behind me kept burping in my ear and we were that close I could feel the heat of his burp! Delicious. Out of the VIP area people had set up lots of little picnic areas and generally gave each other enough space. Tip number two get there early and claim your spot. Tip number three bring a picnic! We went to the one at Lulworth Castle the food wasn’t great in fact it was shocking and the staff where really, really rude to me and made me feel quite uncomfortable at one point; but the bar was good. The beer and wine were a winner. In retrospect I could have made an amazing picnic.

Despite these slight down falls the actual experience was lovely; snuggled up to my husband watching my favourite film on a slightly chilly summer evening! I would do it again… but I probably wouldn’t choose Luna again and if I did I wouldn’t pay for VIP tickets. It was great to have a date night with my love.

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