The Big Move!

We moved 2 weeks ago! I can’t believe it. It’s strange to think it’s been that long, It took so long to get our move: we lived in married quarters behind the wire for two years. We had a lovely little house but it had lots of problems and pitfalls and when our move was finally confirmed I almost cried ! Why? My husband works on a different camp and has injured his back; so the travel everyday has been a nightmare. His backs been unable to heal and he’s been out of action. All though I was thrilled about the move I knew it was going to be hard. Karl is normally in charge of the heavy lifting (he also is the navigator so trying to find my way round the new dog walks has been hard work. ) but we managed! I’ve had help in the form of my brother and Dad who helped on the day. And help with our March out from my Aunty and Uncle (we passed, no charges!) .

It was a massive change for us; behind the wire again but in a completely different camp (a much bigger one) and a bigger house. But a house that was definitely more dated than the newly renovated house we left.

our old home and moving house chaos

Hubby did the March in (Taking over the house). Being army we never laid eyes on the inside of the property until we moved in. We had done a little recce mission to see the properties exterior and a peep through the window but little else. When we finial saw the inside i was ….. surprisingly optimistic.

The move the next day went as well as it could. I couldn’t get any time off. We had cobbled together some help to move and I arrived home to a house FULL of boxes at 6pm. I’ve never been so stressed.

The house turned out to be pretty filthy, the kitchen cupboards dated but also pretty dirty and my toilet stunk of wee! It also appeared to be all over the toilet wall. The joys. Food all over the cupboard under the stars and millions of little holes in the wall or picture pegs that hadn’t been removed. The oven was sparkling though. Even if one of the hobs are cracked. So I’m glad for that. The contractor had painted the fireplace a thin coat of semi transparent white; as well as the carpet, splashing it all over the surround and some of the wall (cheers for that!) and a screw held down our spare room carpet. The walls were different shades of magnolia, the doors had loads of holes that someone had half attempted to fill over the years. The utility and kitchen floor are a hideous concrete style blue and were sticky. The bathroom and toilet though a lighter colour are just as hideous. It was pretty battered and a little shabby looking really. I had a small cry, got my brain in the game and got unpacking, cleaning and painting.

I think I have finally managed to make a difference. It’s starting to look homely, cosy and like the kind of place I want to live. We built up the garden fences (well Karl’s work colleagues). Karl smartened up the loo with some fablon. I’ve hung pictures, we’ve made DIY headboards, mirrors and shelves. I’ve painted far too much of our furniture, the fireplace the loo and 3 doors … we have done loads!!

The living room is starting to look lovely, I used the same grey paint I used on the fire place in the hallway, bedroom and spare room. I love the running theme throughout the house. I think it ties everything in-together really nicely. The sofas are new from DFS and the table use to belong to my grandparents ! I’m in love with the sofas and so is the hound! We hung pictures and I introduced fresh flowers and some plants: B&Q was a god send. I need to add some finishing touches when we have less to do in the rest of the house.

The kitchen kills me but it’s slowly getting better and the more we do to it the more I’m starting to really enjoy it. Orange tiles were not what I was expecting; but used tile stickers to tone down the death by orange – I’m going to have to give up on the cupboards and floor and cover them! The tile stickers are amazingly for £3 for 12. The cupboards are still my big bare they are just completely hideous.

The utility is a mess but I love it as I actually have space for all Duke’s bits and pieces.

The hall is a work in progress.

And so is our bedroom! But can u spot the grey!?!

Two spare rooms that I have managed to cobble together. The biggest one needs a lot of work, but the small room is pretty cute!

Our loo is much, much better! We used Fablon on the floor and throw together some ornaments and trinkets. Karl did the floor! He is amazing!

So much on my list left to do but two weeks in we really haven’t done a bad job!

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