Big-dog-little-handler: Mad dog play days.

Do you have a friend who no matter what every time you see them you revert to your childhood ways? Duke does. The mere mention of Missy’s name causes Duke to go crazy. He just loves her.

They are twin spirits for sure: two peas in a pod. The two of them just love running back and forward together, chasing each other, wrestling together and driving me and Missy’s mum absolutely crazy (I think that’s their favourite thing to do). They drive us up the wall as they spend their time running as fast as they can for as long as they can around us. Quite often making contact with the backs of our legs!

Mostly the only way to stop this game of chase is to grab a hold of them and get their interest back on their owner. This tactic doesn’t always work and some times they are back on the lead to help them calm back down! This tactic isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Mostly because they have learnt to keep their distance when they don’t want to be separated. Staying close enough that they know they are safe: but just far enough away that they are out of arms reach.

The two dogs are as thick as thieves. In fact when a dog got aggressive with Missy Moo, and Missy being a young dog wouldn’t leave the foul tempered pooch alone, Duke rounded Missy off keeping her away from the other dog. They really are sweet!

The two of them aren’t really bothered with other dogs when they are together they will have a sniff of the other pooches then run off into the sunset chasing each other. We have had to separate them during training as they just want to play all the time! However that doesn’t always stop them as Missy once squeaked during training and Duke almost flew across the floor to her (while attached to my arm!).

Watching them run around is a beautiful sight! I could watch them all day. They are such handsome dogs the pair of them.

Our biggest challenge with the pair of them is they love each other so much they fail to listen and follow commands to fruition. Only carrying out half a command before they continue playing whatever doggy game they are involved in. It’s a bit like herding bats when we go for a walk. But at least they are so focused on each other we don’t have to worry about them running off to chase deer or squirrels! The wildlife are safe from harassment.

We are working on them still doing as they are told. At least “this way” works with them guiding them along the walk safely and keeping their muddy paws off innocent joggers and walker. So at least we have a way of keeping them under control (ish).

The two dogs are well and truly best of friends. But Duke, being the older dog, still has a grumble at Missy every now and again! Especially when he is in the car: he gets a little frightened and uneasy in the car. It’s definitely not his happy place so doesn’t want her kisses. There is lots of woofing and howling and general excitement as soon as they see each other and duke doesn’t always like it to continue as we drive. Missy also likes to wrap her leg around Duke while they are on the back seat: which he isn’t a fan of at all! The grumbling is incredibly sort lived. Missy can do no wrong out of the car. She has even taken food out of Dukes mouth with out so much as a peep from him. She’s stolen his ball, his water and his food but he just rolls over and let’s her take it. True love that is.

I do love them! But they also drive us crazy. I don’t think we will ever have much luck stopping them from playing but it’s such a lovely sight to see especially when owners don’t often like to let their dog play with our daft hound! I can never understand how they think this Dog is scary looking :

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