Bucket list update: 56 take up and learn a sport.

We moved house last month and with all the changes I decided to also do a few things for myself. Make some positive changes. I started running regularly again, I’ve been back to the gym and got back on my bucket list mission. With all these positive changes I decided to take up kick boxing! (Again).

I use to do kickboxing when I was a lot younger , it’s been over 10 years, so it’s been great to do it again. It’s been so long I’m having to relearn everything. But I’m also loving every second of it!

I feel like I’m bottom of the class (and some of them are under ten!) but I honestly don’t mind how rubbish I am. What matters is it’s fun.

My Brain is sometimes frazzled after a session because of relearning how to move. My muscles ache and I definitely feel like I’ve had a work out afterwards.

It’s really shaken up my fitness routine for the better. I’m feeling much more motivated. I’ll be sticking at it!

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