Bucket list update: 160. Get Duke (my doggy) through his good citizenship bronze award.

I never thought Duke and I would pass our bronze award. But we really wanted to give it a try. What is it? Well it’s a scheme run by the Kennel Club. The awards aims is to:

“The Bronze award aims to provide the handlers with a basic knowledge of understanding and training their canine companion.”

It comprises of a group of tests which demonstrate that your dog will come when called, do a minute stay, walk loosely on the lead around other dogs, walk through a gate in a controlled manor and allow you to check the dog over and groom them. There is also a quiz to check the owners knowledge. I really did think we wouldn’t pass.

Well we did…. surprisingly! Duke and I passed!! And I couldn’t be prouder. I genuinely couldn’t be happier. We worked so had the past year.

Why do it? We saw it as a test of how much our hard work had taken effect. How much he had learned; We also saw it as a measure of how far Duke had come.

On the day Duke was very nervous, shy and a little worried. But he aced each little tests. For anyone who’s regularly training with their dog I recommend doing the kennel club scheme; it’s a nice way of seeing how much you and your pooch have come. I really doubted Duke and I could do it but he proved me wrong.

That’s my boy!

Silver next???

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