Bucket list update: 329. Wear an outfit I would have never have though of wearing.

I popped this one on the bucket list as I can often be a bit fearful with fashion. I worry about wearing this and wearing that. I get paranoid that I look fat, silly, too showy, too this too that. This paranoia enhanced by people’s need to say unnecessary things about how one another is dressed has made me a-bit predictable. Unkind comments disguised as humour or banter; these things are always putting me off being more adventurous (I think we need to start standing by the rule if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all). So I can sometimes be a bit boring with my choices.

Now my outfit was nothing too out there or crazy;

Wearing a jumper UNDER a dress wouldn’t normally be my choice as I would worry it made me look frumpy or fat but I love the look on other people. And actually I love the look on me now!

In fact I felt quite happy with my not-my-normal-style-outfit and even bought and wore another unusual-for-me number a few days later!

I normally wouldn’t be brave enough for a high waisted skirt especially one this colour and style… but I loved it! I tucked a baggy top in and wore some little heels and I absolutely loved the look.

It’s quite liberating being a bit braver with my style choices than normal! I got lots of lovely compliments on both outfits as well.

And at the end of the day life’s to short to to not dress how you like!

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