Making December count

This year has been particularly difficult. We have lost loved ones, karl’s been unwell; any one who read my blog post regarding my husbands back injury will know that that has brought incredibly though times, I’ve had spouts of stress induced illness and we have had quite a few stresses and strains between the two of us. It’s been difficult. To say the least. It’s pushed us to the edge, it’s pulled us apart and pulled us together again. But I’m just not ready to write the year off.

I’m sick of hearing myself say it’ll all be over soon, next year will be easier. As much as I truly believe next year will bring wonderful things (husbands surgery being one off them!). I’m not ready to simply believe this year is cursed and next year is when the happiness starts.

In all honesty it’s been tough BUT there have been some amazing times. I have so much to be grateful. So much goodness in my life. And it’s all too easy to forget that, to get bogged down in the doom and gloom. Admittedly most of our happy memories happened at the beginning of the year. But in the chaos there has been joy, and even when we have been pushed to the edge there has been a ray of light or silver lining. It’s easy to get bogged down and forget that.

So instead of hibernating in our misery till January 1st I’ve made plans; I’m going to make sure that December brings fun and enjoyment. And that we make the most of it. Because who knows our bad luck my continue for just a little while longer, or even, we may end up shaking it off!?

I want to end this year the way we started it ; feeling great full and happy and excited.

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