Bucket list update; 262. Join a martial arts class

As a kid I did Thai boxing, Judo, sick fighting and all sorts of different things. After a good few years away (over 12) I’ve dived back in… and I love it. Ive taken up kick boxing (and have the opportunity to practice some of the other disciplines I’ve tried including my favourite stick fighting). Returning has been well worth it, especially as I’ve been saying for ages that I wanted to start again.

It’s added a new dimension to my fitness regime but it’s also tested my confidence and self belief. It’s allowed me to question myself, learn and develop. Not to mention burn a few calories. It’s been a great stress reliever and confidence builder. After a hard day starting a lesson not being able to do a spinning back kick and ending up with a successful one is brilliant. It enables me to test myself in an environment where people think I can succeed; imagine how much we would achieve if everyday life was like that!? I’m an over thinker by nature and forever filled with self doubt so it’s great to see results and feel I’ve improved every week. (Also I feel like a power ranger or Buffy when I’m doing it and who doesn’t want to feel like that!) .

I’ve been assessed and awarded a belt so I suppose I better start working towards my next one! – next I think for the bucket list ; Achieve a black belt in Kickboxing!

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