Bucket list update:126. Make something out of clay.

I love creating things. I’m a big kid at heart who just wants to sit in a room surrounded by paints, crayon, colours and copious amounts of paper, scissors and glue.

I can’t paint well but I love to do it.

I decided it was time to attempt to make something with clay… something I could actually use that could sit in my house as a little bit of evidence of my artistic ability.

I discovered 2 things attempting to make something out of clay :

1. I have no artistic ability.

2. I’m realy rubbish at making with clay.

Even though I’m absolutely pants at making with clay, it was fun to create a little candle holder (it had to be a candle holder because that’s all I was capable of making I was that awful at it!). I did also manage a Christmas dec ; which was just a cut out shape.

It was definitely a fun way to spend a few hours on a Saturday.

I gave it a lick of paint and popped a candle on it! And if I do say so myself it doesn’t look too awful.

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