Big-dog-little-handler: A tiny bit of time in town!

Duke had his first ever visit to town.

Busy streets and a jumpy dog have always put me off a walk round town during shopping hours, we have done a dash through our small local town centre late at night, but never visited a busy large town centre. In fact we tend to avoid busy places.

We had pushchairs, bikes, children, wheelchairs, scooters and trains to worry about. As well as people who aren’t looking where they are going or don’t care who they bump into.

How did he do?? Pretty darn well. He scoffed his way through two packets of treats to keep him distracted and carried around his ball, which amused half of the town centre who stopped to point at him trotting around with a bright orange ball squeaking it now and again. We even went around a shop he was that good!

People where quite taken with him but I was pretty strict on not allowing people to stroke him on this occasion; it’s pretty important for him to feel secure before allowing people to come into his space. On this occasion he was giving off a few signals that he was a little bit stressed. Ears back, a-bit of lip licking and a-bit jumpy. So for that reason I didn’t want to add any other stressors into the mix.

The longer we stayed the more he relaxed as he realised it was safe. In fact he dropped his ball a few times trying to entice people to play! The pickle.

We are hoping to visit Scotland next year on holiday so it would be great to be able to explore the local towns and cities with Duke. The plan is to keep introducing him to new and busier places.

He really was a star today, I couldn’t be prouder.

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