Bucket list update: 276. See a Hypnotists show.

So it isn’t often that I manage to do-one-better when it comes to my bucket list but on this occasion I did! For our Christmas ball I didn’t watch a Hypnotists show …. I was part of it! Yes, I managed to be brave and participate despite an audience. I’m actually really glad I did as it’s a very strange feeling and defiantly an experience.

No I didn’t act like a chicken, but I did build sand castles out of thin air , dance like a nutter and say some very rude words!

The hypnotist was lovely; a very sweet guy who clearly loves his jobs. If you are thinking of joining in on a hypnotist show just remember; you won’t do anything you don’t want to do. And as long as that’s enforced by the hypnotist go for it! They have to film the show in the UK so you know even if you don’t remember nobody will be able to tell you that you did something you didn’t (top tip there – watch the video back!).

The only thing I can liken the experience to is that feeling of half sleeping half waking, where your dreams become lucid. Your relaxed and half aware that it’s all a bit silly.

It was a lot of fun and I don’t think I have ever felt so relaxed !

This is the guy who preformed at our ball; https://www.docstrange.co.uk/ couldn’t recommend him enough! Funny, puts you at ease and puts on a bloody great show.

The bucket list keeps growing full list here: Bucket list

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