Bucket list update: 255. Add another 100 things to my bucket list.

The Bucket List grows and grows. It gets longer every few months and every few months I manage to cross things off. I seem to add things quicker than I can complete them but that isn’t a problem. I don’t mind how long it gets as long as I keep aiming to cross things off.

Why a bucket list? well that’s my husbands fault. A few years ago he took me on a surprise holiday for my birthday and unbeknownst to me he had been mentally taking note of all the little things I had been mentioning that I always wanted to do, always wanted to try. He realised that I had a bucket list swimming about my head that I just never got round to ticking off. He had arranged for us to cross off as many things as we could. It was amazing and the memories really are some of my most cherished, fulfilling all those wishes and dreams was amazing. So a year later I was inspired to start the never ending Bucket List. I’ve slowly been crossing things off with a little help from my friends and a lot of help from my amazing husband.

So why keep adding to the bucket list? I don’t want to ever stop dreaming: ever stop willing myself to achieve, experience and dream more, to learn new skills and travel a little. Writing them out seems to help me focus a little more. It reminds me that there is so much more I want to experience and do. An older lady said to me recently : “You are far too young to have a bucket list”. It made me laugh, I tried to explain as eloquently as I could that I have one not because I predict a short life but because you never really know how long it will be. And it wizzes past pretty fast. I have this list to remind me to take every opportunity to live my life to the fullest to learn as much as I can. To do the little things that I would otherwise so easily overlook and aim for the big things that seem unachievable. Writing them down and documenting the outcomes seems to spark new ideas (hence why I keep adding) and encourages me to try things I would have not thought of otherwise.

It may seem impossible to cross everything off, but you never know …. maybe ill do it! I’ll sure have fun trying.

Full list here: BUCKET LIST

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