Bucket list update: 174. Take a dog psychology/behaviour course.

I’ve been interested in behaviour for a while. I studied human and animal behaviour at A-level, at university and previously worked with children and young people with behavioural difficulties. I suppose human behaviour was always going to be of interest to me; raised by a psychotherapist grandfather and a grandmother who loves murder and crime documentaries. There was no help for me really.

To me behaviour , the causes and origins are fascinating. I never give up the opportunity to learn more about both human and animal behaviour. My interest in dog psychology was a fault of this gorgeous boy;

Duke had a few little issues that needed tackling. Tackling these issues were sometimes easy, sometimes not! Some had simple solutions, some we are still working on. We muddled through a lot with internet searches and endless episodes of “Its me or the Dog”.

In tackling some of these issues we joined a dog training club which was filled with lots of different dogs: all with different personalities. The similarities and differences between dogs and people is fascinating. Both Duke and I learnt lots!

But the more we learn the more interested I’ve become in dogs in general. Dog behaviour, nutrition, the way dogs learn, health etc! All things doggy.

Duke and his pals have sparked an interest in all thing Dog, and I hope that eventually my future will lead to a career working with dogs.

This month I completed by first ever dog psychology course!

I loved every second of it. I learnt so much and started implementing lots of new things with Duke. If your Interested in dog behaviour, wanting a career with dogs, or just wanting to understand your own better, I would recommend taking a course! As long as it’s run by a registered behaviourist who doesn’t talk about “being the Alfa” or “dogs are wolves” . I’d highly recommend Ann Bond: Straight talking, lots of knowledge and experience.

What’s next!?

I’d like to do a few more courses including Ann’s follow on course.

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