Bucket list update: 317. Be able to do 20 consecutive “Men’s” push ups.

Yep, did it ! I’ve been going to the gym every morning Monday to Friday with my friend, with the odd afternoon session thrown in as well. We have been working really hard focusing on a whole body work out which mostly uses your own body weight as a training tool; think Sit ups, burpees, press up, tricep dips, squats etc.

I’ve been loving the gym, and have seen a real difference in my fitness levels and capabilities. I’ve always been pretty fit; I’m a runner. But I’ve not ever worked as hard as I have been lately. My routine is much more holistic. And like I said I’m getting better; In fact I did 25 consecutive proper press ups!

My personal fitness is really important to me, as cliche as it sounds I want to be the best I can be. And I like to have ways to measure my improvement; run a marathon, deadlift a particular weight, complete a particular physical activity, this was one of my ways to measure my improvement.

On to the next challenge.

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