Dorset Dog Walks Pt3.

We are always looking for a really good dog walk. Our favourite dog walks are those that end up in a pub or tea rooms ( because why the hell not!). We are always looking for off leash and on leash walks to shake up our walking routine but also to explore more of our home county.

Arne nature reserve.

Arne is absolutely beautiful. Dogs have to be on the lead but there are no bikes or motorcycles which is great for us! Duke has the tendency to get worked up by bikes so knowing that one isn’t going to come zooming up behind you while your looking the wrong way is pretty relaxing. It’s a beautiful place and has a great little cafe. Dogs aren’t allowed inside but there is plenty of room outside to sit with your four legged pal and bask in the sunshine. I think there is a fee for the car park but it’s 100% worth it!


I’m in love with Affpuddle, mostly because it isn’t as muddy as some of the woods and forests around here. I seem to spend 90% of my time in wellies but Affpuddle seems to not get as boggy as Moreton forest and Bovington. The views are stunning are there is plenty of space for the hounds BUT watch out for cows…. they will definitely stand their ground. I’m always prepared to just turn around if I catch sight of them. The forest is so vast there are loads of trails and tracks you can follow so it doesn’t matter if your plans are changed by a heard of cows. Duke loves it there as there is always lots of things to sniff and deer running around.

Blue pool

I adore Blue pool. It’s so picturesque and has the most gorgeous little tea room. I love the trails winding in and out of the trees giving you different views of the pool bellow. The pool itself is a disused flooded clay pit and has the most gorgeous blue colour. But unfortunately because of that there is no paddling for safety reasons. I just love it so does Duke. It’s a lovely walk but a little pricey for entry.

Weymouth beach.

I liked Weymouth but it was a bit of a short walk for us and very very close to the road! Duke quite enjoyed watching the land train though.

It’s quite a nice little beach but I couldn’t find a cafe I liked the look of, next time we will wonder into the town I think. This time we made the epic mistake of popping into the Weymouth harvester; never ever again is all I can say!

Boscombe beach.

I’m surprised how much we liked boscombe beach. Duke had to be on the lead as the road is really close but the beach stretches for miles and you can walk all the way to Poole. It gets pretty busy in the summer so I would recommend January where it’s a little colder so there are less people around.

We stopped off at the Harvester which is dog friendly; I actually really enjoyed it there but harvester can be so hit and miss for service. This is definitely one of the good ones.

Bere Regis

Bere Regis is one of our favourites because they are growing a forest. It’s amazing to come back each time and see how much the saplings have grown and see the baby trees take shape. Because they are growing a forest the area is fenced off with deer fencing which means it’s great for a dog who is homing his or her recall. It’s great as if your on the higher ground you can see everything! Again great of your wanting to get in some training!

Duke loves Bere Regis as he can wind in and out of the trees.

There isn’t a coffee shop but I suppose you can’t have everything!


I took duke through wool and down to the Ship inn for a cooked breakfast, it was actually quite a nice walk. Some of the walk from Bovington to wool is away from the road which is nice for Duke but both villages aren’t too busy as well which means plenty of space for us; although it is popular with cyclists but where in Dorset isn’t!? It’s definitely a walk we would do again as it’s good for Duke to get use to different places.

Poole town.

Poole is surprisingly dog friendly. Many of the shops outside of the shopping centre seem to allow dogs in which is great. It’s good training for duke but I don’t think we will make a habit of it!

Dog friendly pubs;

I would really recommend the Seven Stars in Winfrith. They are a proper dog pub with resident dogs and lots of space. The gin is pretty darn good to! I’ve had food there a few times and I’m always pleasantly impressed.

The Ship Inn in wool is also dog friendly and the food is lovely! It’s also not too expensive or busy.

I’ve mentioned it before but The Bankes Arms in Studland is always a favourite!

The Sandford in Wareham is surprisingly accommodating for pooches too but I’ve never eaten there.

The blog post for Pt one and pt 2 are here; Dorset pt 1 & Dorset pt2

Where to next?! Where would you suggest!?

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