Long term injury of a loved one: almost there.

I’ve spoken a lot about about my husbands injury. It’s been difficult, heart wrenching, frustrating and over all pretty pants. It’s been a hard 12 months full of disappointment and failed starts. We have been let down again and again. My poor hubby has suffered set back upon setback ; but the most heartbreaking thing he has been in unbearable pain….. BUT we are almost there. He’s finally seen a physio. One who’s happy with his post surgery healing so far. He finally seems to be on the mend and he’s finally enjoying his life more!

We have been given a recovery date (well month) ; a prediction by the physio as to when Karl will be fully recovered. At the moment I’m too scared to believe it, just in case, but it does us good to know that the end is in sight.

Karl’s been amazing; he’s take most of it in his stride. He’s always told me it’s going to turn out okay even when things looked bleak. He’s kept a brave face and kept thinking positively. I’ve always known he was strong but he is truly amazing.

The last 12 months has highlighted how much of a team Karl and I are; it’s been so hard with Karl out of action, I’ve been exhausted, because we are normally such a team; being a one man band has been exhausting! I’m so glad to have my partner in crime back. Even if he isn’t at full strength quite yet.

If Karl’s injury has taught me one thing its that people are disappointing, they say one thing and do another. They aren’t understand, they don’t listen and they think only of themselves…. some people have well and truly let us down. BUT it’s also Taught me that there is a small group of people who are outstanding, who are amazing, supportive, attentive and loyal. So it’s not all negative, a small group of my friends showed themselves to the most wonderful people I could ask to have in my life; helping me get to work, pick up essentials for the house, accompanying me on walks and checking in on me. Family and friends have helped us move house, take furniture apart, made sure Karl’s not left out of tea room fun by bringing back cake, driven Karl to appointments, then me to appointments, asked if Karl’s okay, asked if I’m okay and so much more. They have been amazing. We are lucky to have them.

This week Karl’s been almost himself again, we actually spent the whole weekend together. The first weekend in months – probably a year. It was blissful. It is nice to see him smile and genuinely enjoy himself. I haven’t seen him have as much fun as he did on Saturday in a long time! He looks 10 years younger, he looks brighter and happier.

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter… we are almost there!

Karl’s injury has been the biggest challenge we have ever faced, but I’m more sure now than I ever have been that we will come out of it stronger, more equipped for difficult times and more capable.

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