2019 Monthly Challenge: May

At the start of the year I gave myself a list of things I wanted to do every single month of 2019. I want to live a life on purpose; to set myself goals and experience as much as possible. Rather than just letting the time pass me by or racing through the days trying to reach the weekend. May has been truly fantastic! We have loved every second of it! It’s been the month where Karl’s recovery has come on leaps and bounds, it’s been a month of positive change and finally having our little family back together.

Have 1 lazy day

We are always so busy it’s important to take some time to be lazy, to take a break and relax. The lazy days have well and truly continued; although I have had to do a bit of house work on these days or the house would end up a disaster. I’m still taking my lazy days and it’s done me a world of good. We walk the dog then catch up on telle and cuddles.

Visit a new place

I spent a long weekend on a course at Croyde Bay, Devon. Oh my god; I’m in love. It’s one of the most stunning places that I have ever been. I loved it. I loved the atmosphere, I loved the sea, I loved the village, everything! It was not only beautiful it was one of the most peaceful places I think I’ve ever been. Check out these photos:

The beach was massive, with soft sand and the most gorgeous views of the sea crashing across the rocks. It was pure heaven. I managed to find the time to explore the village too. But I just fell so in love with the sea and beach I couldn’t help but walk down there every evening.

I can’t wait to go back and take Karl and the Hound!

Walk a “different” dog walk.

It’s not really a dog walk, but we had the dog with us and we did do a lot of walking. My dad and step mum treated us to Dogstival tickets! What’s dogstival? it’s a festival of all things dog, down in the new forest…. we had a brilliant time. Duke loved it! Most importantly he was really well behaved and did me proud.

The stalls were brilliant, the entertainment fantastic and the food stalls were great! All in all the 6 of us (4 humans and 2 dogs) had the best time and we will definitely be aiming to go again next year. There was a huge variety of stalls and we ended up buying everything from dog prints, dog treats, towel gloves and ointment for Duke. We watched dogs jump through fiery hoops, doc diving and even a search and rescue. There were lots of freebies (who doesn’t like a good freebie), there was free gin which is always a winner and lots of things to entertain. If you are a dog lover I recommend a visit it’s utterly pawsome.

Try something new.

I’ve been trying a new skin care regime. I’ve had to after swapping my contraceptive pill because I now have the skin of a teenager. I’m covered in spots! So I’ve implemented a new skin routine. And it seems to be working. But we will see!

Cross something off my “Bucket list”.

Bucket list item; 452. Start a gratitude journal.

Full bucket list; the new bucket list

Watch a new film.

We watched John Wick 2. It was actually really good. Sometimes once you have seen one revenged fuelled shoot-all-the-bad-guys you have seen them all, but in this case the film was actually pretty good. Not ground breaking; but I liked it. I did spend most of the time telling the boys that should the dog die I would be very very cross with them both for inflicting that loss on me! I’m actually excited to see the 3rd film.

Treat myself to something small.

I bought myself the most beautiful print for the house while we were at Dogstival. I’m absolutely obsessed with it; it looks so so much like Duke and I love the opportunity to support small business as well.

Cook a new recipe.

I failed a little here really. I’ve been making more interesting salads but haven’t cooked anything new ! This one has been my week point all year. Once the weather warms up I find cooking a little tedious.

Run a different route.

I have run loads of different runs. I’m finally feeling energised about running again. I’ve started getting better times, but most importantly I’m realy enjoying it in a way I haven’t for years. I’ve had people to run with which I think helps.

Half marathon training is going well and I’m hopeful I’ll reach my time target.

Download and listen to a new song.

How beautiful is this song? I love Tracy chapman but I hadn’t heard this one until now. It’s simple and stunning. A new favourite.

Visit family of have family come to visit us.

My baby brother came to stay and tried to kill me: we ran 5 km and he decided we needed to do it at break neck speed because he hates me. Okay that is maybe an exaggeration, I’m sure he wasn’t actually trying to kill me, but it felt like it.

Listen to a song I haven’t heard in a while.

I use to LOVE Good Charlotte. I stumbled on this one while making a gym playlist. A cracker if I’ve ever heard one. Definitely keeping it on the running and gym playlist. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to jump around and dance and sing. As you can tell my music taste is pretty eclectic and a little embarrassing.

Do something that scares me.

I spent 4 days away with unison. Normally the idea of going away for so long would terrify me, and it did, but I got a grip of myself and went. I tackled a few fears; I got in a bikini and went swimming, I introduced myself to people, I shared my views with strangers, I went down to the bar by myself, all in all it was a pretty terrifying and fantastic weekend.

What will June bring? More adventures I hope?

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