Big-dog-little-handler: Lulu comes for a holiday!

Not too long ago Duke had his first ever friend to sleep over. And now that friend is staying with us for 2 weeks!

Meet the adorable, crazy, crocodile like Lulu. She is an 8 month old golden retriever cross poodle and is Duke’s “aunty”. She is a whirlwind on four paws.

We are a few days in and it’s been a lot of fun!

We had a few challenges building up to Lulu’s stay: Duke kept humping her and we didn’t know how Duke would react to sharing our attention.

The humping has quickly fizzled out (thank goodness). The first day he tried once or twice and by the second day he had forgotten all about it to my great relief. He does still like to show her who is boss now and again; especially if she seems to be getting too big for her boots. He gets particularly worked up if she jumps or nips me, or when we have people round as she jumps at them. Although that is definitely a bit cheeky of him because he is literally the worst for jumping at quests! But apparently that’s his job and his alone.

They have, so far, been happy to share treats and toys. Which means my living room resembles a doggy day care; with toys and bits of toys strewn all over the place and every time a jar is opened or a packet is crumpled two dogs pleading for treats. Can you resist these two!?

We took the hounds to “Wild and Free”, a fenced off doggy play field, where they had a great time. Duke has finally learnt not to pester Lulu to play and in turn Lulu is getting brave enough to give it a bit of ago. She isn’t quite at full play mode. But she chased him once or twice testing whether she would like it or not. A good run around meant they slept all evening so Karl and I had a very quiet evening.

We had totally forgotten how energetic 8 month old dogs are! Lulu can barely sit still! She jumps from sofa to sofa and picks up every toy gives it a shake and casts it aside. This goes on for about 6 hours. If we aren’t walking or eating we are playing this game. Duke on the other hand watched her from the comfort of his spot of the sofa, rolling his eyes.

He is desperate to play with Lulu, he has been creeping closer and closer trying to entice her into playing. Even trying to be submissive showing her his belly and rolling around. It’s adorable, and makes me feel positive about getting a puppy in the future. He will make a brilliant big brother.

She doesn’t look too happy but she has stopped running away so that’s progress!

Walking has been lovely , Duke is much more confident when he has another dog to walk with. He’s much less reactive. Much more chilled. It’s almost as though he wants to show the younger dog how it’s done. He likes to show them how to be a grown up dog.

We still have 11 days left so who knows Duke may manage to convince her to play but most importantly she seems to be enjoying her holiday. She’s eating all her food , enjoying her walks, playing with her toys and cuddling up on the evening happy as a clam.

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