2019 Monthly Challenge : June

At the start of the year I gave myself a list of things I wanted to do every single month of 2019.

The list is seemingly random , but each item was carefully picked. I wanted to focus on making the most out of the year; corny I know! But I wanted 2019 to be filled with happiness.

It’s been a busy month, we have been dog sitting for 2 weeks, we have had lots of lovely lunches out and have sat in lots of pub gardens! We’ve enjoyed walking with the puppies and Karl’s back continues to heal and he gets stronger every week.

It’s been a fabulous month!

Have 1 lazy day

Lazy days seem to mostly follow wet dog walks. We love lazy days in the Relf house hold as we don’t get many. I’ve done my best to squeeze one into every month; it’s a chance to relax, wind down and nap!

Visit a new place

We stopped off at a lovely pub we have never been before and were pleasantly surprised. It had a lovely court yard so we could sit in the sun. The wine was good and the puddings were even better! It’s a pub I pass all the time on the way to the shop or cinema or dog walk, I can’t believe it has taken us so long to go! We will be revisiting.

The Frampton arms is right next to Morton train station if you are ever in dorset and fancy some ice cream.

Walk a “different” dog walk.

We have had all sorts of walks. Having Lulu to stay with us has helped us to shake up our routine. We have been wondering the woods and up and down Bovington and all around our home. We had a great time. Duke loves walking with his new buddy; he seems much calmer walking with another dog, much less scared of his own shadow!

Try something new.

So apparently I like Indian pale ale! I definitely didn’t think I liked ale. But after being offered a beer by my dad, and thinking I would receive a lager and ending up with an IPA , it turns out I quite like it! A reminder to keep trying things even if I think I don’t like it.

Cross something off my “Bucket list”.

Bucket list update: 29. Be able to do a handstand for 10 seconds or more.

Thanks to the help of my friend I managed to hold it for 30 seconds! Handstands are something I use to do all the time as a kid but just haven’t been able to do for over 10 years.

Here’s my full bucket list: Bucket list

This list has been an important part of life , I have been adding to it and growing it for the last three years; it has big things and small. It’s been growing faster than I have been crossing things off but that’s okay – it’s half the fun.

I don’t know if I will ever cross everything off. But I hope that one day I will!

It includes things I want to try, places I want to travel to, things I would like to do, food I would like to eat, experiences I want to have and much more.

Watch a new film.

“When they see us” – okay it isn’t a film it’s a mini series. But it is utterly amazing. It’s shocking, but amazing. It’s a dramatisation of a true story, one which is truly horrific and disturbing; it tells the story of five boys of colour who were wrongly accused of the sexual assault of a jogger in central park.

Their story is sensitively told with some fantastic acting from both the adults and children involved.

The case is horrible; police corruption, forced confessions, no actual evidence, blatant racism and a miscarriage of justice that just shouldn’t have happened. The boys were treated cruelly by the people who should have been there to protect him. They and theirs parents were failed by a jury bamboozled by the manipulation of evidence. The series tells their story from arrest, to conviction, to their time in jail and ends with their conviction being over turned.

Treat myself to something small.

This bag was a fantastic find on Not On The High-street. A bargain at £12. The quality is superb and the size is perfect; it has a flat bottom too which I love. I think it’s important to treat yourself every now and again, especially if you work hard! I’m a big believer that saving money and paying bills is important but it’s important to enjoy yourself and live in the moment!

A little treat can make a hard week much better, a little treat can make a hard week feel a little bit easier.

Cook a new recipe.

Stir fry! I made my first proper stir fry. I have really struggled with this one because I haven’t had the time to cook, we have been so busy that we haven’t been cooking much. In fact it’s mostly been salads or fish finger sandwiches.

Run a different route.

I’ve been running all sorts of routes lately. I’m training for a half marathon so I mostly just run in one direction and turn around as soon as I’m half way and run home. I’m hoping next month I can pop on the train and go for a run down the coast!

I’m loving running again. I have really enjoyed stretching myself and challenging myself again. I’ve enjoyed the chance to find my love of running again, but also the chance to stay in love with it.

Download and listen to a new song.

This song is stunning – I stumbled across it recently and absolutely adore it! It is definitely one for singing along too.

Visit family of have family come to visit us.

We have been so lucky to have my little brother visiting us. It’s been lovely! He has joined us on lots of walks and we have been running together.

Listen to a song I haven’t heard in a while.

How amazing is this song!? Oh my gosh I just love singing as loud as I can to it. It sprang up on my dad’s “most played” play list and I just had to down load it, perfect for walking to the shop or cleaning the house.

Do something that scares me.

I applied for a secondment! A new job for 12 month! Applying terrified me. I was absolutely bricking it – mostly because I really wanted the job; a chance to test myself, grow my skill and experience something new. But I have wonderful friends who supported me and encouraged me to apply. It’s two grades higher and in a field I’ve never worked in, I’ve had my confidence knocked in various ways a few times in the last year so putting myself “out there” in any kind of way is quite frightening. But I did it and I’m proud of myself for trying and putting myself out there, oh yeah… I also got the job!

I hope July is just as amazing !

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