Bucket list update: 532. Have my hair cut short.

I’ve had long hair since I was able to make my own decision on my hair cuts; so since I was about 13. That’s 14 years of long hair, it’s not just long it’s thick as a lions mane. And has been abused for years.

There’s something strange about long thick hair. Everyone wants to touch it and everyone wants to tell you not to cut it.

My hair had become a-bit of a security blanket; a heavy knotted security blanket that sheds. I genuinely couldn’t imagine myself with short hair and the idea of cutting it filled me with dread.

But weirdly I’ve wanted to cut it for a while. I swim and it seems to soak up half the pool when it’s long, it also knots something rotten. It’s a pain when I’m running. And after 14 years a girl needs a change.

I’ve been lacking a lot of confidence lately. I needed a boost so it was definitely the right time to try for the chop.

I genuinely feel good about it! Yes there’s a few people who seem to mourn the loss of my long hair way more than me – but they can get stuffed .

If you are unsure about cutting your hair but thinking about it … just do it , it’s just hair it’ll grow back.

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