The old Bucket list.

The “new” Bucket list is getting longer and longer. I have been crossing things off and adding more on. Everything I cross off, every new experience, leads me to find more things to add and more things to try.

I started the list in 2017 and it’s brought me a lot of joy. It’s forced me to put myself out of my comfort zone and to do the things I’ve always wanted to do. It’s given me an avenue to explore things I wouldn’t have thought about trying before; and to achieve the big and the small things that have always been at the back of my mind.

The bucket list was inspired by my husband who has always encouraged me to try new things and endeavoured to help me achieve everything I wanted to do… he has always been listening to me saying “oh I so want to try this” “I’ve always wanted to do that”, he would remember and then make it happen! His desperate attempt to remember all the things I would throw out there made me think of writing them down. And from there the list has just continued to grow. It now looks like this: the new bucket list.

What would I have put on the list if I had started it prior to 2017? What are the things that inspired the bucked list? That I did before I even put pen to paper and wrote out my massive lists of goals and wants?

1. Graduate university
Going to university was one of the best things I have ever done, it showed me how resilient I am and how capable I am. It reminded me of how much I love learning and that I can do anything with a can of red bull and some determination. Graduation is one of my proudest moments to date.

2. Run 5km
I genuinely think everyone should have a go at running. Running is amazing, it teaches you how much your body is capable off and that even when it hurts and it feels like your going to die…. Your going to be okay!

3. Run a half marathon.
A half marathon feels impossible and sounds impossible if you’re not a runner, who regularly runs long runs, but it’s completely achievable with a bit of time and hard work.

4. Stroke a giraffe
I love giraffes! They are just so, so amazing. They are beautiful creatures. Folly Farm in wales gives you that opportunity for the price of entry into the zoo which I think was only £12! Genuinely amazing.

5. Go to a fair ground.
Who doesn’t love a fair ground! I was recently reminded how amazing fair grounds are when I had a go on a bumper car…. I haven’t laughed so much in ages! My favourite fair used to be the ones on fireworks night. Sweets, fairground rides and fireworks…. Perfect.

6. Marry the love of my life.
Getting married is amazing. I’m lucky to have married the best human being on the planet. There is something truly amazing about your wedding day. Marrying the love of my life is defiantly bucket list worthy.

7. Get a dog.
Getting a dog is one of the best things we have ever done. Duke taught us so much about ourselves. I never really understood how much time and work goes into a dog (especial a rehomed dog) but the trials and tribulations have been so worth it. It’s been an amazing experience and he is definitely man’s (or woman’s) best friends. Duke completed us!

8. Visit Auschwitz
Auschwitz is the strangest, saddest place I have ever been. It’s a chilling and heart wrenching place but I urge anyone who hasn’t been to go. It’s hard to put into words the importance of going; it’s a harrowing part of human history that should never be forgotten.

9. Do a colour run
Colour runs are just fantastic! Silly, beautiful and exciting! They are slightly surreal actualy.

10. Get a tattoo
I love tattoos they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I adore them. I have been adding tattoos to my little collection since I was 18 years old.

11. Take part in a sporting event
From running, to cycling to rowing there are so many sporting events open to the public; taking part, feeling part of the collective and of course standing there with your t-shirt and medal is pretty darn awesome. I’ve done lots of running event and even a tough mudder half.

12. Go abroad
Exploring outside my country of birth has always offered the best experiences and has offered a chance to learn about myself and the rest of the world. I have also seen the most beautiful place and had some amazing experiences.

13. Visit Wales
Wales is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The landscape is just simply stunning. I adore wales, In fact I’m hoping we move there when Karl leaves the army.

14. Visit Disney land and Disney world
Disney world is magical. I want to visit as an adult and experience it all over again. Genuinely the most magical place on the planet.

15. Go for Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea is one of my most favourite things…. And is there anything more British? We have done everything from classic afternoon tea to themed teas.

16. Read the Harry Potter books- no explanation needed.

So there it is my little list of things I would have put on my list had I started it years ago!

Things that I have crossed of the new list already:

8.Learn to knit. completed jan 2018

9.Try mussels. Completed 5.4.17

19.Learn to go to sleep every night without the TV on. (My husband would appreciate this one). Completed July 2017

25.Read an Agatha Christie novel. completed 16/4/17

29.Be able to do a handstand for 10 seconds or more. Completed June 2019

36.Help someone to complete something on their bucket list. Completely September 2018

55.Try out 20 different sports at least once. Completed 12/9/2017

56.Take up and learn a sport. completed 23/09/2018

69.Picnic in Hyde Park. Completed July 2018

71.Make homemade bread from scratch. Completed 1/9/2017

76.Make a handmade gift for someone for Christmas. complete 1/12/2017

79.Re decorate a whole house. Completed September 2018

80.Go to an outdoor cinema or theatre. Completed Aug 2018

81.Teach my dog a cute trick. (We will see about that one). completed 11/05/2017

83.Attend an army v navy rugby game. completed 29/4/2017

86.Read 10 world changing , challenging, classical or controversial books. (Suggestions welcome). Completed July 2019

87.Learn to be a confident cook. Completed 22/08/2017

90.Have our photograph taken by a professional.Completed may 2018

94.Re pay some of my grandparent’s kindness. Completed January 2018

96.Do a good deed every day for a week. Completed 10/12/2017

97.Build a piece of furniture from scratch. Completed march 2017

101.Reach our 1st wedding anniversary. (And then our 5th, 10th, 20th and so on). completed 8/8/2017 (first year anniversary)

103.Make a patch work blanket. Completed 21/9/2017

104.Visit a beach I have never been to before. Completed 9/4/2017

105.Watch a play I would never have thought of watching. Completed July 2018

106. Run the great south run. Completed November 2017

109. Fly a plane completed Dec 2017

111. Start a job or career path that makes me happy completed sept/2017

112. Read a book I would not have thought about reading. Completed 25/9/2017

123. Visit London Borough food market. Completed 13 July 2019

126. Make something out of clay. Completed November 2018

128. Make a Christmas tree decoration.completed dec 2018

132. Make an origami animal. Completed 18/9/2017

141. Go to the British Museum. Completed 17/03/2018

142. carve a pumpkin. completed October 2017

150. Make a cheese cake. (boozy one of course!)Completed 1/March/2017

158. Upcycle a piece of furniture. Completed 30/03/2018

160. Get Duke (my doggy) through his good citizenship bronze award. Completed 28/09/2018

172. Make a memory jar. Completed 25/02/2018

174. Take a dog psychology/behaviour course. Competed January 2019

202. Cook a whole chicken.Done 25/02/2018

218. Start a Relf Family cook book/scrap book with all of mine and my husbands favourite dishes. Completed may 2018

227. Own a Bonsai tree. Completed 26/08/2018

242. Watch Casablanca. Completed 7/5/2018

243. Be in a dog show with Duke. Completed June 2018

251. Go to a themed Afternoon Tea. Completed July 2018

255. Add another 100 things to my bucket list. – from this point. completed December 2018

256. Have a BBQ in my own garden. Completed June 2018

262. Join a Martial arts class (I use to do it as a kid and loved it. Would love to do it again) completed November 2018

268. Make home made dog treats. Completed October 2018

276. See a Hypnotists show. Completed December 2018

280. Paint a piece of pottery. Completed sept 2018

300. Be able to do at least 3 Pull ups! Completed March 2019

317. Be able to do 20 consecutive “Men’s” push ups. Completed Feb 2019

329. Wear an outfit I would have never have though of wearing. Completed October 2018

365. Send someone a random gift. Completed March 2019

377. Give a gift to a stranger. Complete February 2019

378. Stay in a hotel by myself. Completed January 2018

411. Go alcohol free for a month. Completed January 2019

457. Start a herb garden. Completed July 2019

492. Practice mindfulness for at least a week. Completed April 2019

507. Start a gratitude journal. Completed July 2019

519. Have a (flexible) 5 year plan. Completed 2019

532. Have my hair cut short. Completed July 2019

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