Starting with a splash

For some reason 8 weeks ago I decided to add swimming to my routine. My husband and I are lucky enough to have a swimming pool on camp, so thankfully there was somewhere nearby that we could go that wouldn’t be too busy.


My swimming was a little bit rubbish, lots of splashing, huffing and puffing and some pretty dodgy leg work. But I was determined to give it a go…. And give it a go I did. I must have been pretty shocking because I attracted the attention of the lifeguard who tapped me on the head and suggested my swimming would be much better if I put my head in the water…… an idea that didn’t go down too well with me, I’ve never swam with my face in the water. She smiled and handed me a pair of goggles, and away I went. It wasn’t to bad apart from the whole breathing thing… my husband told me I looked like a T-rex every time I took my head out of the water to breath, hahah! Not quite the look I was going for. The lifeguard gave me a few more tips and soon I was feeling a lot more confident even if I still looked like a T-rex. Who knew breathing was so difficult?

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Another week went by and some more hints and tips from the lovely lifeguards as well as lending me some equipment to run some drills – flippers, pool boy etc, I even swapped my bikini for a swimming costume which made me feel like a proper swimmer! And I bought my own pair of goggles, along with a lovely new swimming bag. Turns out I really love this swimming thing.

So me and my new swimming costume and goggles have been swimming at least once a week, sometime 2 or 3 times… I would go every day if the pool was open to free swimmers every day! I absolutely love it. I’m still getting help from the lifeguards who are all swimming teachers or come from a competitive swimming background so are able to see the little changes I need to make – I can now officially say I do not look like a T-rex anymore.
Although I will never be an Olympic swimmer, I am improving every week! I’m hoping to do a triathlon next year. Swimming has improved my running and helped with some ongoing aches and pains. Unfortunately, the pool’s been closed for two weeks and I’ve really missed it. Once I get into the flow I get a real sense of calm and focus when I swim, I can feel the stress go away. I am even tempted to invest in a pair of waterproof earphones, but for now I will settle for buying myself my own set of flippers and we will go from there! I think my first triathlon will be a sprint but who knows maybe I’ll do a full one eventually?

My only issue with swimming is my sinuses …. They don’t like my new hobby, so I’m constantly sniffing and feeling like my face is going to explode after a swim, but it seems to be improving very, very slowly. I love that my husband comes with me, although he is a much better swimmer which is slightly infuriating because he is amazing at everything…. I love that it is something we can do together, our favourite sports are very different from one anther – I’m a runner he loves to cycle so I love doing something together, I really treasure it.
So next week swimming resumes as normal and I can’t wait to be back at it… I may even dive in…. whom I kidding I wont dive in because I’m a chicken and I can’t touch the pool floor!!

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