Adjusting to a new normal

Staying home, no running, no bread, no gym, WFH (working from home), learning to keep myself busy at home and dealing with the anxiety Covid-19 brings.

Well that escalated quickly didn’t it. One week we are plodding along washing our hands more, trying not to touch our face and the next week we can’t leave our homes. It’s been a scary few weeks since the virus first appeared in the UK. Life has changed. It’s almost unrecognisable. Suddenly visiting family or friends would be a risk to their, and your, health. Supermarkets have empty selves and we haven’t been able to buy a loaf of bread in over a week. Suddenly our freedoms are restricted and we can only protect each other by staying inside. It’s a different world to the one we were happily living in last month. Like many people I’m worried for my loved ones who work for the NHS or are in the at risk groups. Life has changed.

I’m home working now like a lot of people and I genuinely don’t know when I will be in the office again. I left Tuesday afternoon feeling abit weird like a fish out of water or a tiger that’s found itself in the lion enclosure. Like many my job has been effected by Covid-19 making things much more stressful but at least my job is safe! I’m feeling so grateful to be in a public sector job, many people find themselves out of work at the moment and wondering how they are going to feed their families. The impact on small business is totally unknown: After it’s all over I’m going to shop small when I can and try and support small business as much as possible!

Because of work and contingency planning I feel like all I have spoken about for the last 2/3 weeks is corona virus… and then I would go home and talk about it! It’s consumed my thoughts… and I know I’m not the only one. Covid has consumed us all, I find myself checking news bulletins constantly and watching the rising death rate with fear and worry. Remember when we just talked about the weather all the time? I miss that. Karl’s still going to work, the Army don’t stop apparently, not even for a pandemic. But I have had Duke to keep me company; thank God for dogs right? I can’t be the only one who has been kept smiling by our four legged friends. Even if he did bark during two conference calls this week.

Three days of home working and I’ve consumed 2 times as much coffee and have been filled with all the dog mum guilt as he watches me from various corners of the room. Begging me to play. I actually really like home working (but maybe for 2 or 3 days a week not everyday) . By Friday I missed talking to real people and hadn’t washed my hair in 4 days. I’m sure I’m not the only one… I’ve also completely forgotten how to apply make up or what business wear is. I’ve been trying to keep to my core hours as much as I can login off and on at my normal times and packing all my work stuff away once it’s “home time”. But it’s a strange feeling for my commute to be just walking down the stairs. Although I must say I’m enjoying puppy dog cuddles while I work.

I worry for my loved ones, especially my grandparents. As a family we have been texting and calling to keep in touch. Checking in with each other whenever we can; which makes me realise how lucky I am. I have so many people I love. So many people who I want to be safe and well; and who worry about me. I’m pretty lucky! It’s easy to forget how many people care about you and how many people you love. I worry endless for my grandparents and it keeps me up at night; but at least I know they are doing what they can to stay safe.

Dog walks have become a life saver. Although we are only allowed one form of outdoor exercise a day I haven’t been able to run as I save my allotted time for the boy. We live behind the wire on an army camp so getting off camp is really important – because staying behind the wire is enough to drive you crazy. I’m missing running…. but Duke takes priority.

Like many people I’m missing the the gym and I’m totally rubbish at home workouts but I’m learning to adapt and over come; how the hell do you stay motivated without the gym?! I need tips! I can’t use my kettle bells as the dog runs off with them. Normally I swim 2/3 times a week and the absence of that has left a little hole in my heart; I miss swimming so badly, it’s a small thing in the grand scheme of things but oh my gosh I miss swimming. It’s been over a week since my last dip in the pool and I could cry. But I’m going to try out some yoga videos and check out some other home workouts…. any suggestions would be welcome.

The weekly shop has become a thing of nightmares; I am now terrified of the super market after being bumped around last Friday, sworn at , ending up with the most random trolly of shopping and wondering where everyone’s manners went. My mum even had bread stolen from her trolly! What’s going on? But we have food (no bread but that’s just an excuse to eat cake instead) and that’s all that matters really… although I need to curb that lockdown stacking.

The boredom and cabin fever was so consuming I power washed the patio, cut the grass and cleaned all my windows I think my carpets may end up threadbare from all the vacuuming! I’m not really green fingered but the garden doesn’t look too bad. I’ve got no routine in place , before all this our week was jam packed and now I’m feeling like I have a lot of spare time on my hands!

The worlds a scary place right now , so scary it’s got me thinking (like many people do at times like this) how lucky I am to have a secure job, a wonderful husband and a beautiful family… we are lucky enough to have a warm house, a garden, sky TV and internet! Anyone else suddenly feeling very grateful?

How are you coping with this massive change in lifestyle?

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