Goodbye number 6

Just over 2 years ago we had packed up our 1st house and moved to our new home. Number 6.

Full of hope and excitement and a wee bit of dread I walk through the door of our new home and held back the tears. It was filthy – it was our second married quarter and we had been lucky with the first. Our first having recently been updated; although small, windy and poorly heated it had a new kitchen and bathroom. This relatively large house had a kitchen that looks like it belongs in the 20s and on the first day our boiler stopped working, one of the carpets had been screwed to the floor and the toilet floor smelt strongly of wee…. there were other issues …. but we put a lot of love into this house.

This is where I discovered I really do actually like gardening , especially if I have some wine to hand! I discovered I loved upcycling furniture and that a swing in a hammock in the garden on a Sunday afternoon is pure bliss.

This house is where I discovered my husband really doesn’t give a crap how I decorate, and following that I realised how much I love colour and a quirky twist to each room. This house has been a discovery of the wonders of dressing a room. I found out that I don’t like matching furniture and that nothing brings me more joy than tweaking and changing our interior design. I’ve learnt I love pink, prinks and house plants.

This is where my husband returned from his surgery, where he rested and recuperated. This house will forever be the place where I have seen him at his very worst but also watched him drag himself back to his very best – helping where I possibly could. We entered this house with me wondering if our lives would ever be the same again; so full of adventures and joy. We leave full of happiness, contentment and future plans.

This house is where I left a miserable job and started a new one (which I love). Where we found ourselves “locked in” when lockdown struck following the corona virus. It became my office as the world started working from home. And then the place we found ourselves having to self isolate when I got sick. This house is where I spent 6 weeks recovering from corona virus and my husband saw me struggling to breath and had to phone an ambulance! number 6 has seen a lot of personal.

This is the place Duke managed to wiggle his way into being allowed to sleep on our bed on lazy mornings! where we adopted the practice of going upstairs after a long walk on the beach and having a family nap.

We have started new traditions here and carried on old ones. My favourite being going to collect a Christmas tree from the local garden centre on December the first and having breakfast.

2 years isn’t long I suppose, but it has been such a period of change. As a couple we have been challenged, we have fought battles, recovered from battles lost and won and shared our best and worst times. we have all been at our best and worst. All three of us have developed and grown.

Moving house is always full of hope and excitement … I cant wait to see the adventures we will have in our new home… and how crazy I can drive my long suffering husband with moving the furniture around. I can’t wait to decorate.

Good bye number 6 you have been an adventure.

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