House Number 2

It really does feel like I haven’t written a blog post in ages. I haven’t sat down and taken the time to put my thoughts to paper. It’s been a strange year, and a very busy few months! 

We moved house !  

Army house number three, and our first off camp. It’s actually amazing to finally be out from behind the wire. Our first home where we don’t have to sign in any packages, prewarn the guard room of every guest and, most importantly for me, we don’t have to remember our passes every time we leave the house. 

Number 2 is a massive house, with a large garden and big rooms. An old house that has been patched and botched by army contractors over the years. It has switches that lead to nowhere, random capped off pipes and an odd heating system. But it also has lovely massive radiators, large windows and, under the living room carpet, the most gorgeous parquet flooring. Discovered when we pulled up the carpet.

Before we moved in

I had a lot of plans for this house, lots of things I wanted to do and for the first time a firm idea of the aesthetic and feel I wanted in our new home. Ive had a few years to play around with styles and ideas. Ive tried minimalism – it’s not for me. Ive tried fuss and trinket free – no don’t like it. Ive tried keeping the colours natural – not my style. I now have a much clearer understanding of how I like my house to look. I love old upcycled Funiture, soft furnishings, bright colours and a warm homely feel.

I hate army house magnolia so the first thing we did , well the second after pulling up the downstair carpet, was paint the walls white. All of them bar the hallway; because we didn’t have a 15ft plus ladder. I had a few upcycling projects on the go so although we had moved from a smaller house I had already found furniture to fill it! With a new dressing table, sideboard, bookcase, bureau and many other items acquired soon after we moved in. After new curtains and repurposing some old bits and bobs the house has really come together. My new giraffe gallery wall is my favourite addition I must say. Iv’e put a lot of my personality into the house with a shift to more feminine colours and a few bold features in each room. I’ve tried to include a bit oh Karl (although he really doesn’t care how the house looks). It’s definitely not to everyone’s taste but I adore it. It feels like home . It feels warm and inviting. The kitchen now has a funky coffee station and feature wall. I took a risk and painted our cupboards, laid lino in the bathroom and we fitted a vinyl floor in the kitchen and down stairs loo! Lots of sticky tiles , pictures and shelves have gone up and the hubby and I have definitely improved our DIY skills and learnt a few tricks.

Slowly this little army house has gone from a bit grubby and a bit run down to my most favourite place to be. There are still a few things I want to do, a few little bits and pieces that need to be found and changed to make each room complete… but then again have you ever “finished” a house? Ours seem to forever change and develop. I love moving furniture around and changing up each room. In fact we have lived at number two for a few months and I have already moved the living room around twice! we are hoping to stay here for a while so its a good job its a large house with lots of room to move furniture around!

2 thoughts on “House Number 2

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  1. A joy to read, and i have missed reading your blogs, So more frequently please .
    I miss seeing you, and I miss your phone calls which were almost every day, but the needs of 2020 have changed many things.
    Love, Grandad xx


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