Bella and the hound illustrations

Starting my own little business has been a dream, an unexpected dream, but a dream all the same.

I create personalised prints and illustrations, pet portraits, digital artwork and more. And I love it with all my soul!

I started drawing again in may 2020 when I was poorly with long COVID . I drew what I knew best: my dog. Slowly I got more confident drawing for other people, just family and friends. As a digital artist I felt abit unsure of my skills deleting a lot of my drawings. But slowly I’ve become more confident. Confident enough to share what I do on social media. Suddenly I had orders from people wanting to give me actual money! So I started Bella and the hound Illustrations in September and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve felt inspired, proud and passionate. I’ve been able to create , be creative and I’ve found a little outlet for that bit of my soul that wants to be a street artist in Paris.

I have major imposter syndrome at times when I wonder wether I’m actually any good , I wonder if I’ve just managed to convince myself I’m okay at this. But I’ve got a lovely circle of online and real life support.

I’ve managed to get my head round the finance side of a business (I think), I’ve got my own website, Facebook and Instagram; I’m even taking part in a virtual marked ! I’ve started connecting with creative communities and more. It’s open a whole new world for me. And I bloody love it!!!

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