Meet Hazard

in less than two weeks we bring this little bundle of joy home:

Isn’t she beautiful?! we cant wait to bring her home and introduce her to Duke. Bringing a puppy into our lives has be a long journey. A long , and sometimes heart-breaking journey. From being let down by a breeder who raised their prices during the pandemic and struggling to be approved by rescues because we couldn’t prove we had permission to have a pet (not for lack of trying just issues with the army’s housing officer issuing the bloody paperwork). It’s been a long slog with lockdown meaning puppies were popular and snapped up by those who suddenly found themselves working from home.

However this little delight popped into our lives when her breeder decided to advertise she was thinking of breeding her beautiful lab with a one of her friend’s collies . She asked if anyone would be interested in a puppy…. I was one of the first to message. We had just moved house , and the timing seemed perfect.

We kept it quiet… having been heart broken a few times. It sounds silly… I know. I know its just a dog and at the time a dog we had never met but each let down I took to heart. each let down felt like a future I had imagined taken away before it started. I tend to get attached quickly. We kept quiet telling a few people when the puppies were confirmed and a few more when they were born…. once we had driven the 7 hours to pick our girl I couldn’t keep quiet any more. We picked her from a litter of 8. She was the puppy beating up her brothers and the first one I cuddled . I think she will fit in just right! two weeks to go and I’m so excited …. I cant wait for Duke to meet her… I think Duke and Hazard are going to be the best of friends.

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