6 moths old: Sticks, snacks and snuggles.

So let’s get the bad thing out the way: Hazard was on a walk and at this point on leash. Out of nowhere an off leash spaniel decided to run across the road : snap at her and have a bit of a go!! I obviously just grabbed hold of her and lifted her up out of the way. The owner called their dog back and laughed it off. I was livid as his excuse is the dog is territorial of the house. We were across the road. I would have been less annoyed if she had been in the woods and the guy was a-bit more proactive. She was fine and still played off leash with other dogs the next day.

She is so good the only time I have ever heard her grumble is when she thinks Lola is going to steal her dentastick. What is it with those things?? My dogs act like they are cocaine! They are OBSESSED.

She has an obsession with jumping while on a walk. She looks like a little bunny running through the woods randomly jumping every few seconds. And sticks she loves a stick. Sticks are the best apparently.

We have been working on impulse control and posing for the camera. As well as using sounds on a walk : so instead of shouting her name I use sounds to get her to stay or come. She’s really really good and responds really quick.

This week hazard has:

Discovered she loves green beans and lettuce and cream. Not all together.

Learnt wait , get it and search command

Learnt not all dogs want to play with her and some dogs are unpredictable.

Had lots of snuggles

Annoyed her brother lots

Played with her brother lots

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