27 weeks : snuggles, seaside, sleep overs and sheep poop.

So hazard definitely ate some sheep poop! Little monkey. Apparently it’s a delicious snack (yuck). She’s been to the cove for the first time and had her buddy Lola stay. Honestly she has a better social life than I do. She is definitely better at making friends.

She’s doing really well with her training, but I must admit I’ve been teaching her less while we are all so busy. So I’ve just been working on some of the behaviours she struggles with – mostly heal and wait. Her wait is actually getting pretty good . She can wait for her food, treats and toys… we are just working on the duration. Her stay also needs some work!

I’ve stopped putting her on the lead when we walk passed off leash dogs and people as she is really good at coming back and listening.

She definitely has developed her own little personality. She is nosy, inquisitive, snuggly and cheeky! She is very confident but can be shy when it suits her. She loves people, jumping… no really she LOVES jumping she will randomly jump when running just for the fun of it. Jumping over things is her favourite but if there is nothing to jump over she will just jump over the air. She loves playing games with her brother , she will choose to chase his ball just so she can run along side him. She doesn’t care if she doesn’t get the ball. She loves to rough play with him but won’t play so confidently with new dogs.

She is a nosy mite: She likes to know what’s happening at all times and will insist on sitting as close to you as doggly possible . I’m not complaining as I love the cuddles.

Both Duke and Hazard have their Christmas outfits at the ready and are excited for santapaws and hazard’s first Christmas

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