2021…. it’s been an interesting year

Last year brings a mixture of feeling: happy memories , big changes, lots of personal growth. It’s also another year of strangeness, complicated rules and a general feeling of “what’s next?” and “when will this end” I am of course referring to the ongoing corona virus saga.

2021 was busy: I had to dental surgeries, carpel tunnel surgery, started swimming again ( thank goodness because that really helped my mental health), started cycling, had therapy, wore every item in my wardrobe (apart from my ball gowns) , did my first craft fair, got to see my best friend, got to see family, travelled up and down the country and got a puppy! both my husband and I would agree a that bringing hazard home was the best part of 2021. She has fitted beautifully into our little family.

It’s been strange with corona constantly sneaking in to every situation….. I don’t dare say that hopefully this year we will see the back of it.

This year I have learnt a few things:

I am capable of surprising things.

It’s never too late to learn more about yourself

Anything can happen in life so it’s important to make the most of things… it’s important to make life memorable and do what makes you and the others around you happy.

life’s too short to care about the size of your clothes ( I constantly remember and forget this one)

The people who care about you will show you that they do .

Always check what light bulb you need before buying lightbulbs.

for 2022 I’m going to :

make more happy memmories

learn more

explore more

create more

Take deeper breaths

Take more photos

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