30 weeks : Christmas, cuddles, confidence and bird chases

I haven’t updated on hazard! With Christmas new year and starting 2022 it’s been so busy. She is 30 weeks old and I can’t figure out where on earth the time has gone. She is so confident on and off the lead exploring different walks ; running in and out of bushes , long grass, puddles and even rock hopping with me.

Training is going well, she is walking beautifully on the leash (after 5 mins or so of pulling and figuring out what she can get away with.) I’m impressed with how quickly she has picked up loose leash walking as it can be hard for high energy dogs. But she is doing really well! her off leash re call is fab. I am so proud. Walks are so lovely and relaxing.

She has learnt that not all dogs are the same, some will want to play some wont; and she has learnt to approach each dog differently. She is a total softy and if she is told off comes running back to mummy or her big brother. Her big brother loves to tell her off for little things like getting over excited or playing with non dog toys ! He is a funny boy.

Christmas was fun and Hazard learnt how to unwrap presents – assisted by her big brother. She managed to not destroy any Christmas decorations and even refrained from stealing anyone’s Christmas food! so it is a win.

Unlike her brother she isn’t bothered by the rain and quite likes a muddy wet walk but has developed a ball addiction. she loves a ball! a tugger, Frisbee or stick. anything she can chase she loves!

She has been on lots of new walks and experienced a lot of first; she has made us laugh non stop and is the perfect remedy if you are having a sad day.

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