Happy gotcha day Duke!

5 years ago today we took home a large , crazy , misunderstood puppy. 8 months old: full of energy and frightened of EVERYTHING. Untrained, unpredictable , unruly but the only dog I wanted from the second I laid eyes on him.

He’s made us a better couple: He has taught us to work together, he’s taught us hard work pays off, that little wins are big things. He made us a little family !

He’s taught me not to take everything personally. That I am worthy of love no matter what I do, look like or how I feel – because no matter what he always acts like I’m the best thing in the world . He’s taught me that sometimes you just have to go for a little walk and the world will look better. He’s taught me you don’t have to be perfect to be loved… because he isn’t perfect but he is most certainly loved.

He gives the best snuggles, is the best company when you’re having a down day and always makes me laugh!

Our journey with Duke has been an interesting one, we spent years trying to teach him the world isn’t going to bite him, that bikes aren’t evil and that you don’t need to bark at everything. It’s been a noisy but rewarding time. Duke has come leaps and bounds in 5 years and is most definitely a “good dog” . He still has his quirks ; being very suspicious of strangers, abit of a bossy boots and a tendency to run around like his tail is on fire now and again. But on the whole he has the good boy routine down to an art.

I didn’t realise you could love a dog as much as I love Duke boy; I think he’s made me a better person and I’m so glad he fell into our lives

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