8 Months old!

And just like that she is 8 months old! I’m in shock … where has the time gone? Where has that tiny little dogo gone? she is now a healthy 14kg and is all length and no height!! She had her first emergency vet visit after she suddenly started limping and crying (only a pulled muscle thank goodness) which resulted in a large bill ! little monkey… she does run around like a headless chicken and leaps around like a bunny on speed. And yes as soon as I got her to the vets she acted like nothing was wrong…. then cried all night when we got home!

She loves people: cuddles are her 2nd favourite thing , her first favourite thing is her ball/stick/Frisbee or what ever you are willing to throw for her ! she loves other dogs but can be a bit shy if Duke isn’t around. But that hasn’t stopped her making friends while on a dog walk. She and Duke play fight, steal each others thunder and annoy each other; but mostly they love each other.

It’s mad to think we have had her for 6 months in that time she has destroyed : one sofa, one internet cable and one slipper….. not too bad really. Definitely less than Duke but I think the sofa is the most costly thing we have lost to a dog (it was only one of the base cushions and I have managed to bodge it for now!) the new sofa will have to come out of her treat fund!!!

Hazard’s recall is really good and she has been off leash around loads of different things/animals/people… she loves the river, sea, muddy puddles and swap water if she can find it. She hasn’t tried swimming yet though. She isn’t quite brave enough to go further out. She has started spending longer at home without us (we are up to a few hours now) and she has been spending more time out of her play pen when we are not in the room.

She has definitely learnt to pose from her brother, she loves the camera and loves it when my attention is on her. She will run towards me when she sees the camera come out. she has learnt to wrap her big brother round her paw squealing during play time to get the upper hand in a play fight.

In truth she has been the easiest puppy, picking things up fairly quickly, she has the sweetest nature and the best big brother to teach her the way of the dog. She isn’t perfect; she still cries in the car, tries to eat out of the bin, needs lots of stimulation and walks and now and again wakes me up at 2am…. but she’s also great at cuddles, hangs on to every command on a walk, cheers me up when I am sad, adores her brother and always tries to please. All in all I’m so glad we took her home 6 months ago because every step of our adventure with her has been great.

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