30 by 30

*Originally posted April 2022*

My birthday is Monday, at I’m the big three zero. I feel like I’m hit with a life lesson every week at the moment.

1. Life will keep surprising you: it seems like life will never be predictable. Whether it’s something bad lurking around the corner or something spectacular ready to jump out at you.

2. Some family members you discover , some you’re born too, all are important. Not all “family” are blood relations. You’ll meet people who become as close as family; it doesn’t matter if you aren’t blood relations.

3. Managing money is legitimately a skill you learn. You aren’t born knowing how to do it. Money is complicated. It’s okay to be bad with money ; but you need to teach yourself how to manage it as money makes the world go round.

4. People who put the milk in before the the hot water when marking tea are serial killers.

5. Dogs are better than people.

6. You can be friends with people who hold opposing opinions to you. You don’t have to agree on things to have a good time.

7. Manners really do cost nothing. Being polite to people is easy. But you don’t have to be polite to people who are not respecting your boundaries.

8. I don’t owe strangers my time. Yes manners are free but if I feel threatened, worried, bothered by someone I don’t owe them conversation or time. It’s not rude to ignore the strange man trying to chat me up on my trip into town. And it’s okay to not engage with chit chat at the till.

9. You don’t have to be good at something to enjoy it and be worthy of doing it. I love running and photography but have 0 skill…. And that is absolutely fine!

10. Love really is worth the work you put in it , I’m lucky to have the most wonderful husband. We both put a lot into our marriage and get a lot in return .

11. Adventure is always a good idea but so is rest. Yes rock hopping sounds great but so do Sunday naps.

12. It’s okay to split the bill. I’m one of those people who will happily pick up the whole bill rather than have an awkward conversation about who’s paying what. But it’s okay to just go half’s when it’s a new friend. Equally it’s total okay to say “dude I’ve got this one, you get the next one” when out for coffee/ lunch with you friend.

13. Pineapple does indeed belong on pizza.

14. A good therapist is priceless. Trust me.

15. Sometimes people really do need to walk a mile in your shoes to understand you. You can’t force people to see from your perspective so sometimes you just have to admit that and keep on walking. It’s also okay if they didn’t understand your pain as long as they respect it.

16. Sometimes you have to eat humble pie: I said I would NEVER do TikTok but it got me, I’m out here making reels. I take it all back.

17. As above its okay to change your mind. On big and little things.

18. A walk is so much better when it involves a dog.

19. You don’t have to be thin or toned to be fit… it’s a lie . You can still be fit if your a bit softer round the middle.

20. You should never stop learning, wether it’s a language, skill or subject it’s so important to keep learning: you’ll discover the most amazing things.

21. Reaching your goals won’t always bring you happiness: it’s a bummer but it’s true.

22. Your mental health is more important than you think. When it’s suffering it can sneak up on you!!!

23. Bad jobs are not worth it. Find another job and quit. You are replaceable….. but so is your employer.

24. I need a creative outlet to thrive; in fact I need multiple; drawing, writing , Instagram and more. I need creativity to take a bio role in my life.

25. It’s never too late to start a new hobby or pick an old one back up; to what makes you fill fulfilled.

26. Life isn’t a competition. It doesn’t matter where you are in relation to your peers or friends all that matters is making the most of life. Success is so personal.

27. Dogs make life better.

28. You don’t have to buy glasses from the optician who does your eye test… yeah… it took me 20 years to find out you could just ask for your prescription. I wish I had known sooner!

29. You’ll find your own personal style eventually, I feel like I’ve only just discovered my style: what I love to wear, what I feel good in, what I feel I look best in.

30. You’ll never stop learning about yourself; in the last year I found out I had ADHD , that toads really freak me out and I have a chronic fear of disappointing people. I also found out in the last two years that I have a talent for drawing pet portraits , really quite like gardening and I can be really tough when I need to be.


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