Starting from a blank page

So I did a crazy thing: I wiped my blog, deleting 5 years of posts and data. Why? I wanted to start something new, authentic and fresh. I’m making a lot of positive changes in my life and with that I’m trying to be my authentic self, not that this blog has been pretend, but it felt like a great idea this afternoon and so here we are!!! I wanted to create something I loved and wanted to invest time in. So with that….

Hi my names Bella, I’m 30 , a wife and a dog mum. I work in the public sector, I’m an illustrator, an adventure seeker, a romantic. I love to run, kickbox, swim, cycle, travel, take photos, create things and listen to podcasts. My favourite food is cheese and ice cream (not together). I love the seaside, fashion (but I’m not fashionable), Instagram and drinking tea. My favourite pass time is moving my furniture around the house and taking photos of my dogs.

Tell me about you?


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