Finding the best dog walking spots! (Dorset)

Having two dogs we are always looking for good places to take our hounds. I don’t like to go out without them too often and I like to mix up our usual walking routine so that we all make the most of it. I love to explore as much as I can so I spend a decent amount of time searching for new places to take them. Our dogs are both very different from one another so we try our best to meet both their needs. My favourite walks have a good tea rooms or pub. We have our old favourites like Studland and moores valley but we are always open to a new place to explore.

We live in dorset so all of our recent walks have been in the dorset area but I’m hopeful we will be exploring further afield soon, so if you are looking for a good dog walk stick around – every Wednesday I will be sharing our favourites, new try’s and not so good locations that we have tried over the last 5 years and where we are exploring now.

First things first these two are our dogs :


We re homed Duke when he was 8 months old. He’s now 6. He’s a big dog at just over 6 stone. A ridgeback mastiff cross his favourite walks involve sandy beaches. He can be a little nervous but after lots of work he is pretty good. We can’t let him off leed everywhere though as he can get over excited and people can be nervous of him. He is an amazing boy, with a loud bark and a goofy nature.Not everywhere is suitable for duke because of his anxiousness.


We have had haz since she was 8 weeks old and she is now one. She is a collie cross lab . Her recall is spot on and she is pretty happy walking anywhere but mostly she loves water, wether it be muddy or the sea she doesn’t care. She’s cute and cheeky.

The humans are me and my husband Karl just in case you where wondering.

I will see you in my next post but for now here are some of our recent adventures


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