Dog walk Wednesday: Studland (Dorset)

We love Studland, there are a few different beaches that make Studland up, we tend to park at knoll beach and walk towards shell beach and back.
Duke loves Studland as he can run around as much as he likes. The beach is nice and wide so you can see what’s coming up and down so the dogs can have lots of freedom. There can be horses and lots of people but we go early to avoid that. The earlier you go the better
When it’s been a busy weekend it can be a bit messy in the morning because humans suck….BUT other than that there aren’t many downsides to this beach. Lots of dog walkers but plenty of space. You can make your walk as short or as long as you like , and if your there for lunch/ dinner I recommend walking to the banks arms near old Harry’s rock, dog friendly and great food.
I like Studland all year round, in the summer the sea is shallow enough to swim . In the winter the dunes are sheltered enough that you can keep away from the wind! The sun rises are amazing.

10/10 if you don’t mind getting up early.

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