Dog walk Wednesday: Moreton (Dorset)

Moreton woods is another great place to walk. It’s one of those woods with lots of different routes and paths to follow. With a shallow river, plenty of muddy puddles and a tea rooms you can’t go wrong. The only problem with this walk is it is popular with cyclist and horse riders. But the paths are wide and you can see what’s coming so that helps. Some days you can walk for miles without seeing anyone but in the summer the river can get busy. The walled garden is a dog friendly tea rooms which serve a great breakfast. Dogs can go inside and sit outside so it’s great if you have got court in the rain and need to warm up or you want to sit in the sunshine.
Sometimes there are free roaming cows and ground nesting birds but if your dog is happy keeping to the path and has a good recall you are all good.
There are lots of different paths and routes that you can take to either make your walk small or long which is great for us when our little collie decides she isn’t done and wants to keep going.
It can get real muddy and flooded in some spaces so wellie boots is a must have but my dogs love the mud so it’s never an issue. In the winter we can walk for miles without bumping into anyone, the dogs get filthy and so do we. In the summer it’s great for keeping dogs cool because the ground water sticks around for a while. Definitely a must go and an 8/10 .


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