Dog walk Wednesday: Moores Vally

Moores Valley is a fantastic walk, it may be one of my favourites in Dorset. It’s great for dogs, children and adults. We absolutely love this one as there is lots of space, puddles, different paths and routes to take, and there is even several play grounds for any children in your group.

It can get really busy and the parking is pretty expensive but you can spend all day there. There’s lots of different walks that you can take to avoid the crowds so even during the busy periods you can get some peace and quiet. If you plan well you can bring a picnic or have lunch at the Café; also they do the best milkshakes you have ever seen in your entire life.

Moores valley has big trees, a lake, bike trails, an outside photo gallery, an indoor photo gallery, picnic spaces, a golf course, bike hire and more. We’ve taken Duke and Hazard there loads; during the busy season it’s mostly an on leed walk but during autumn and winter it’s a great place to let the dogs run around. There is a tree top trail which my dogs love. It’s also incredibly nostalgic for me as I spent a lot of time here as a kid. There are lots of bikes, some times there are Segways and even forestry vehicles; so you may wanna keep your pooch on the lees if they aren’t great with these things. It’s a 5 out of five stars for this walk.


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