Dog walk Wednesday: lulworth cove (Dorset)

Lulworth cove is such a lovely place to visit, an iconic Dorset location I highly recommend it in the winter/autumn/early spring, but as the summer kicks in it can get really busy. I highly recommend early morning or early afternoon on a weekdays to visit. And to avoid the weekend as much as possible. I’ve made the sunny weekend mistake far too often and it’s been packed. It’s only a small beach really so when it is busy it is BUSY.

It’s a beautiful pebble beach, fairly shallow water and lots of stones to scramble over. It’s a nice place for dogs to swim and explore.

You can see all the way round the beach so it’s perfect for off leash walking, there is a small section of the beach that dogs aren’t allowed on but it’s sign posted and fairly small.

We always bump into other dog walkers, but because you can see what’s coming and going it’s easy to pop you dog on and off leash as you need. You can walk to lulworth cove along various roots or park in the dedicated carpark and just walk down the beach and back.

There is plenty of cafes, ice-cream shops and a nice pub: so you can always stop for food; most places are dog friendly too.

The view is really breathtaking so I highly recommend.

It’s a 8/10 from us.


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