Dog walk Wednesday: Ringstead bay

So I adore Ringstead. I’m sure my husband secretly hates this walk because of the massive hill he has to hike in order to get home afterwards. The mostly downhill walk from the car park to the bay is picturesque and long, and feels twice as long and twice as steep when you walk back to the car.

We keep our big dog on the leed walking to and from the bay but he can go off leed on the beach quite happily. There are some tight paths where you may need to pass other walkers and access to livestock which is why we keep him on the leed. Our little dog can go off as she isn’t interested in trying to get into the field of sheep / cows, but we put her on the leed if we pass directly through a field of livestock.

The bay is a beautiful stoney beach with shallow water and plenty of space for the dogs to roam. It use to always be a quirt beach but lately it has gotten much more popular so I recommend going “off season” so no summer holidays , and if you do do summer holidays stick to the evening. If your a national trust member you can park for free and the view on a sunny evening is truly spectacular.

There are no loos, cafe or anything like that so you will need to bring anything you will need!

Ringstead holds a special place in my heart , I just love it.

It’s a solid 6/10


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