About me …

I’m Bella, I’m in my late-twenties and currently live in Dorset. I’m a runner and swimmer so this will probably feature highly in this blog; I love running and like most runners I talk about it a little too much! I’m a military wife . We have, a very spoilt, Rhodesian ridgeback cross mastiff and a cute collie cross Labrador puppy. I’m a university graduate, seaside lover and love taking photos. I love the zoo, food, shopping, sleeping, fitness and going on little adventures. I’m currently working my way through a mammoth “Bucket list“. Trying to live life to he fullest and make some beautiful memories! 

I have my own small business and am also a public sector worker (for my sins)

 I’m dyslexic so I hate to say it but you may see a spelling issue or grammatical mistake that you will have to deal with if you continue to read! Although I do promise to try to keep them to a minimum.

You can find me on instagram @bella_and_the_hounds

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