Bucket list Update: 318. Go on a bike ride for the day.

I’m not a natural bike lover: in fact I’ve pretty much refused to touch a bike in the last ten years. I tend to spend all my time crashing into things. But my husband loves cycling and it’s something I real wanted to do with him. I also really want to do a triathlon and... Continue Reading →

Bucket list update: 274. Learn to cross stitch.

Just because there is a pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t cross things off your bucket list right?! (CROSS get it). Obviously I’ve been focusing on the small things while the world is in lockdown. Okay I’m not very good at cross stitching but I actually really enjoyed it! I’m a bit of a rusher so... Continue Reading →

Hi, it’s been awhile.

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? I haven’t posted anything in ages… life has been …complicated, busy and full of the highs and lows life brings. I’ve wanted to sit down and write a few posts, commit my thoughts to digital paper but it hasn’t quite happened. Life has been good! But despite that I have... Continue Reading →

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