Big-dog-little-handler: when your dog is the biggest dog in the dog park.

Today we braved the “big dog walk”. On Saturdays our dog training group take all their pooches out for a walk together. Sounds idyllic doesn’t it? For us it’s our worst nightmare; people for Duke to annoy and dogs for Duke to wind up. Now it sounds like I am being very mean to my... Continue Reading →

Big-dog-little-handler: When training pays off. 

Dog training can be wonderful when everything goes well. Sometimes it doesn’t always translate to the real word; in the same way the real world doesn’t always translate to training class. It’s great when both worlds come together and your pooch behaves like a model citizen.  Our lovely pup isn’t always on best behaviour when... Continue Reading →

Big-dog-little-handler: Week 3.

We have officially had 3 weeks of dog training! We are definitely noticing a difference in Duke, a positive change, he's much more compliant. While of course maintaining he cheeky personality. I'm feeling a lot more confident! I feel a lot more competent as the sessions go on . When we have to walk out... Continue Reading →

Week 20 and 21: freedom!

Poor Duke had the “Cone of shame”, aka an Elizabethan collar, on for some time and was getting well and truly fed up with it! So was I. He kept jabbing me in the throat with it. It was killing me.  Last Monday Duke had a check up to look at how his stitches where... Continue Reading →

Meeting Duke.

  I have wanted a dog for a long, long, long time. We always had dogs around as children. My husband and I have been talking about getting a dog for ages and ages.   We had a lot to consider: breed, cost, whether we have the time, insurance costs, the size of our home…... Continue Reading →

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