5 months old: trains, training and treats

Hazard has had a really busy week as always! She traveled on public transport, she recalled from ducks while off leash and visited lots of new locations. We are still doing training in short bursts and focusing on recall; which is great at the moment but we want to keep it that way! Practice makes... Continue Reading →

17 weeks old: Hazard the daddy long legs hunter

Another week gone in a flash I know I say this every week but I can’t believe how big she is getting, her legs have gotten so long. Her face looks more collie to me, but her body most definitely looks like a lab. Haz is doing well. She has learnt that she doesn’t need... Continue Reading →

Surviving Quarantine

Well we certainly are living in “strange times”, if I’ve ended a conversation once with “stay safe” I’ve done it a hundred times. suddenly our worlds have become much, much smaller. Mine consists of my house, garden, dog, husband and a woodland circuit. As a natural introvert who probably spends more time in my own... Continue Reading →

Dog training? It’s all fun and games.

We have recently completed a few new training courses with Watercombe dogs and have just started a regular training class with them. It’s turned my training priorities completely upside down! Duke has absolutely loved it! And I have too. The training is all game based. You use games and fun to teach you dog to... Continue Reading →

Dorset Dog Walks Pt3.

We are always looking for a really good dog walk. Our favourite dog walks are those that end up in a pub or tea rooms ( because why the hell not!). We are always looking for off leash and on leash walks to shake up our walking routine but also to explore more of our... Continue Reading →

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