Bucket list update: 300. Be able to do at least 3 Pull ups!

I successfully managed 3 pull-ups!! I think it my have been a bit of a fluke but I did it. I popped into the gym and had a go after a Zumba session and managed three unaided. I set myself such a low goal because my upper body strength is almost nonexistent. I’m working as... Continue Reading →

Bucket list update: 317. Be able to do 20 consecutive “Men’s” push ups.

Yep, did it ! I’ve been going to the gym every morning Monday to Friday with my friend, with the odd afternoon session thrown in as well. We have been working really hard focusing on a whole body work out which mostly uses your own body weight as a training tool; think Sit ups, burpees,... Continue Reading →

Running : not every injury is physical.

Running has been a major struggle for a while. Difficult, disheartening and my times have been down right dreadful. I have struggled and lacked even the slightest motivation. I had no physical injury (Well a tight hamstring but I’ve run though that for a while and that’s in recovery). What was stopping me? Apparently my... Continue Reading →

Finding my stride again!

It would appear that after over a year of struggling to get into a running routine I have fallen into one. And after a year and a half of minimal improvement I’m starting to improve again! Fingers crossed I haven’t spoken too soon! I had taken a huge step back with my running since we... Continue Reading →

Call me a Park Runner.

Okay so I’ve only been to two! But I’m converted. It was great. I was extremely sceptical of the idea of Park Runs: I expected some kind of free for all with no organisation or lots of serous runners banging out a 22 min run as I struggle in last place. Safe to say I... Continue Reading →

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