Compare me to none, because none compare.

From the moment we are born comparisons are made. Everything from how long it takes us to say our first words, to the amount we party as teenagers to the age we do or do not marry seems to be compared to those around us. We are either better or not as good; never just... Continue Reading →

Bucket list update: 202. Cook a whole chicken.

Cooking a whole chicken is something I associate with someone who can cook properly. Someone who knows what they are doing. Cooking , unfortunately, isn’t something that came naturally to me. In fact for quite some time I was pretty rubbish at it! And I was quite a nervous cook. I’ve been desperate to get... Continue Reading →

The New “Bucket list”

Recently I’ve been thinking about all the things I want to do. All the little and big things I would like to experience or achieve. Last year my wonderful husband took me away for a surprise holiday and in that week we did lots of things from my “bucket list”: Stroked a giraffe, went wine... Continue Reading →

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