Were we tough enough for a Tough Mudder Half?  

I ache. I'm soar. I'm pretty sure my ear is still full of mud! Yesterday the bestie and I completed a Tough Mudder Half. 5 miles 14 obstacles. It was undeniably brilliant.  I'm loving my headband and T-shirt! I Loved my pint at the end, but that didn't last long, and I'm feeling proud.  First... Continue Reading →

Running: too hot to run.

I'm terribly British I know but: this weather is too HOT. Too sweaty, too yucky, too uncomfortable and far too hot to get on with life!  So my training has fallen this week. I've barely got the runs in if I'm honest! And I need to clock up over a 100km in the next few... Continue Reading →

Running 1000km: progress

I'm attempting to clock up 1000km this year for charity. That encompasses training and races. 6 months or so in and I'm almost halfway there!! Thank god. Because I almost fell really behind. I've had a few injuries which stopped me clocking up the kilometres I would have liked to last month and I was... Continue Reading →

lost my running mojo

  So I’m struggling again. 10 minutes into the run I can feel the struggle, can feel my legs rebelling and I keep getting an uncomfortable stich in my side! 4 runs in a row with this awful stich; there must be something going on! A little injury I haven’t noticed, change in posture or... Continue Reading →

Am I a good runner??

I love to run. I enter a lot of races, I cover lots of different distances, I’ve even completed a half marathon. BUT am I a good runner? I have no idea. Sometimes I doubt myself massively (especially when people try to give me unsolicited advice), there’s nothing worse than when someone asks you what... Continue Reading →

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