The Bucket list project.

I have an on going project in the form of a ‘Bucket list’. This was sparked by my wonderful husband who took me on holiday last year; he had planned an activity for every day of the holiday that crossed something off “my bucket list”. A list that existed only in my head and was flippantly thrown in to conversation: “I’ve always wanted to do that it should go on my bucket list”. Never written down, some I’d been saying for years and some I’d forgotten about. We had such an amazing time that a year later I began to write down all the things I wanted to do and to think more carefully about how to bring them about. And its been so much fun!

These are big things and little thing, silly thing and a few serious, inspired by past experience, childhood dreams and totally random ideas. Everything from Running a marathon to feeding a tiger to making homemade bread. The list originally consisted of about 108 ish things. But has continued to grow as I’ve had so much fun completing them! Every time I tick something off my imagination is sparked and another thing pops in my head. So the list currently stand at 300 things. You can see what I’ve been crossing off, the updates and comments here: The New Bucket List. I’ve been blogging about each wonderful thing as I go, currently I’ve completed 102/550 but added another 100 odd things so along way to go!

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